Thai Red Curry Noodles

Have you ever made a slurping sound during eating? Well, today, I forgot all my manners during eating. These noodles were so inviting that I couldn’t control myself. Noodles are my weakness. Any type, any kind. If it tastes good, I will eat it.

Since we usually have homemade fresh thai red curry /green curry paste at home, we often try to infuse the flavours into different things. The aroma of freshly made paste is just beyond any descriptions. It’s just mind blowing.

While cooking I was salivating, and for the first time, I was not able to control myself for plating and pictures. Now I knew the pain of my family and why they complain so often.

For a long time, I wanted to make these Thai Red Curry noodles, but somehow, it never happened. So, today for my lunch, I made these for myself and enjoyed it to the core.

No need for Thai take out today. You can make these absolutely delicious, slurpy noodles in less than thirty minutes(Assuming red curry paste is store bought or previously made)otherwise you will take extra time to prepare it.

I am sure most of the ingredients is always available in the pantry and fridge. Packed with flavours these noodles are spicy, sweet, and have a bite to it.

When you eat this, it feels like a party of flavours in your mouth. Don’t hesitate- make this for your family and friends.


    • Hey Sorry for the late reply.You can use any Noodles ochoice.
      Rice noodles,or even fettucuine .
      I didnt have rice noodles in my pantry ,so used fettucini.

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