Vegetable Cutlet/Croquettes

Having spent one and half years in Kolkata, I have seen the mesmerizing hustle – bustle of a Bengali neighborhood in the evening.

People chit chat with friends over cups of tea and several veg and non- veg snacks.

Most of the get togethers revolve around snacks and drinks; Veg Chop is one of the snacks that makes these Addas(traditionally, these are places where intellectual discussion between people happen regularly)more lively.

So, when we are talking about Veg Bengali snacks, how can we forget Veg Chop or cutlet? Cutlets are Croquettes made of beetroots, potatoes, and carrots. They have an amazing texture.

Nothing can beat the combination of veg cutlets, tea and gossip with friends.

What do you say??

P.S– I have air fried the cutlets after brushing them with a little oil.


Beetroot -1 large,grated

Carrot -1 medium,grated

Potato -2 large boiled

Green Chillies-1 finely chopped

Roasted peanuts (without skin)-2 tablespoon

Bengali bhaja masala-1 table spoon

Kashmiri red chili powder-1 teaspoon.

Salt-according to taste.

Green cilantro leaves -chopped finely , 1 teaspoon.

Breadcrumbs-1/3 cup

Corn flour -1/2 cup

Since we are making this in air fryer ,we will need 2 table spoon of canola oil for brushing the cutlet.

We will need around 1 cup of bread crumb for the coating.


Making of Bhaja Masala ,

Cumin seeds-1 teaspoon

Fennel seeds-1 tea spoon

Coriander seeds-1 teaspoon.

Cinnamon stick -1 small

Cloves -4

Green Cardamom-2

Pepper corn -4

Bay leaf-2 small or 1 big.

Roast all the dry spices on medium flame till they release their aroma.

Grind smooth and keep it in a small jar or container.

Making of Cutlet.

Boil potato .keep aside after peeling the skin.

In a pan fry grated beetroot and carrot with 1 teaspoon of oil.

Mix Potato ,carrot and beetroot nicely.

Add Bhaja masala,green chilies,kashmiri red chili,cilantro leaves and chopped ginger together . Add salt.

Add bread crumbs to it and mix well.

Make cutlets according to your choice.

Make a slurry /batter of corn flour (it shouldn’t be too thin )

Dip Cutlets in corn flour batter and then again coat with bread crumbs.

Take a plate or baking pan . Cover it with wax or parchment paper.

Arrange all the cutlets on this and keep it the freezer for at least 30 minutes.

Now remove them from freezer ,brush them with oil and air fry them for 15 minutes at 370F.

Time can vary depending on your air fryer or size of the cutlet . Cutlet should be really crispy . So please check in between.

Serve with ketchup or chutney.


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