Mushroom Tikka Masala

Making of Mushroom tikka masala:

We marinate the mushroom with all the spices and yogurt blend for at least 30 minutes. These marinated mushrooms will be grilled and then added into a spicy ,rich gravy.

Ingredients To Marinate The Mushroom

Mushroom-16 oz or around 450 grams.

Greek yogurt -1/3 cup, if you are using home made curd please remove the water by straining it.

Ginger -Garlic paste-1 tablespoon.

Tikka masala-1 tablespoon.

Salt -1 1/2 tsp or according to taste.

Canola oil – 2 tablespoon.

Making of tikka masala, Ingredients:

I love making masala at home for my use but of course you can use store bought masala. However homemade masala will give you an incredible depth of flavour.

Coriander seeds-3 tablespoon

Cumin seeds-2 tablespoon

Black peppercorn-2 tsp.

Kashmiri red chili-10 -12

Green Cardamom-2

Black Cardamom-4



Dry Mango/Amchoor powder-2 tablespoon

Chili powder-1 tsp.

Turmeric powder-1 tablespoon.

Making of Tikka masala Powder

Dry roast everything together except dry mango powder ,turmeric powder and chili powder.

Grind it in a blender to make a smooth masala powder.

Mix everything together and store in a jar for later use.

Making of tikka masala Gravy.

Canola oil-3 tablespoons.

Cinnamon sticks-1


Black peppercorn-4

Onion-chopped finely -1 medium size.

Ginger -Garlic paste.

Tomato -chopped finely

Green chili -2 slit lengthwise.

Tomato puree -1/3 cup

Kashmiri chili powder-1/2 tablespoon

Kasoori methi-1 tablespoon

Fresh cream -1/2 cup

Salt-according to taste.


Mix everything need to make marinade and coat the mushrooms nicely.

Keep it aside on kitchen counter for 30 minutes.

Pre heat oven for 400f and grill the mushrooms till they look done.

Take a pan.

Add oil to it.

Add all the whole spices to it . Let them crackle.

Add onion .

Saute it nicely till they are translucent.

Add ginger -garlic paste . fry till raw smell is gone .

Add chopped tomato, green chili, red chili powder, turmeric powder and salt .

Cook for 3-4 minutes.

Add tomato puree.

Add little water .

Add roasted, grilled mushroom to it. Add all the leftover grilled masala as well.

Saute for 2-3 minutes.

Add kasoori methi.

Add cream .

Cook for 2-3 minutes.

Taste it and adjust the salt.

Serve with roti and rice.

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