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Caramel Rice Pudding/Caramel Kheer

Most decadent, luscious and aromatic, this caramel rice pudding/caramel kheer is a heavenly dessert. Easy to prepare for a big crowd, this kheer is suitable for any occasion. A simple makeover of our beloved kheer combined with heavenly caramel sauce takes this dessert to another level.
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 20 mins
Total Time 30 mins
Course Dessert
Cuisine Indian Cuisine.
Servings 4


For Caramel Sauce

  • 1 Cup Granulated Sugar
  • 6 Tbsp Butter
  • ½ Cup Heavy Cream

For Rice Kheer/Pudding

  • ½ Cup Short Grain Rice
  • 6 Cup Half & Half/Whole milk/Almond Milk for vegan alternative
  • 1 Tbsp Ghee/butter
  • 2 Tbsp Chopped Almonds
  • 4 Tbsp Caramel Sauce (which we made earlier)


For Caramel Sauce

  • Heat sugar in a heavy bottom pan ,over medium heat.
  • Stir continuously with a spatula. Sugar will take time to melt and form a golden liquid .
  • Stir the liquid with spatula and do not let it burn . Stir in the butter and mix it with sugar .
  • Furthermore mix heavy cream to the butter and sugar mixture.
  • Stir continously,as it will start bubbling.
  • Remove from the heat and let it cool.
  • Caramel has a natural tendency to thicken .
  • Store in the fridge and use after reheating the sauce.
  • Enjoy as a topping on any dessert of your choice.

Making of rice kheer in the Instant Pot

  • Turn Instant pot to saute mode .When it displays hot add ghee and rice .
  • Saute it for 30 second till they look light golden .
  • Add milk and almonds to it .Stir it around and close the lid.
  • Cancel the saute button and turn on the porridge button .
  • When its done let it release the steam naturally.
  • Remove the lid and add caramel sauce to it .If it looks thick for your taste add little bit of warm milk to it .
  • Stir it around and arrange in small glasses .
  • I prefer to arrange layers of rice pudding /kheer and caramel in between .
  • Top it with a caramel sauce and slivered almonds.
  • Serve warm or cold.