Spanish Rice

Today I am going to share the easiest recipe of making spanish rice at home, which tastes like a restaurant’s or like my kids say it is better than a restaurant’s spanish rice.

How to make Spanish rice

Making Spanish or Mexican rice is quite easy and most of the ingredients are easily available. There is one more reason to make this rice, it is super flavourful and kids love it.

Most people think that you have to use spanish rice to make it but you can always make this with basmati rice or brown rice. Another ingredient we use is tomato sauce. If you don’t have sauce you can always use a can of puree or tomato salsa instead of sauce.


2 cups -Any long grain rice.

1/3 cup -oil

8 oz -Tomato sauce/salsa.

3 cloves-minced Garlic.

4 cups -water

Taco Seasoning-1 big packet.

1cup -chopped ciliantro.


Take a big pan /wok.

Add oil to it.

Add rice and saute till they are golden.Add Garlic and Saute for 1 minute .

Add water ,sauce ,taco seasoning .

Mix it and cover it on the the medium /slow flame for 20-25 minutes.

Cover it with a lid.

Check after 20 minutes if the liquid s dry and rice looks fluffy then its ready.

Add cilantro and squeeze some lemon on top if you want.

Spanish rice is ready to serve.


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