Turmeric and Dates Ice cream

Looks like the whole world is smitten by turmeric. Whether you go to coffee shops or a grocery store, you can see the bright yellow color of turmeric. Growing up, we had haldi doodh every time we had some sort of pain or inflammation. Who knew that after a few decades, we would see this selling like hot cakes?

I was roaming around my local grocery store, when I laid my hands on fresh turmeric; I thought of creating something delicious. It’s been a long time, and I wanted to create turmeric ice cream. Turmeric is a little strong and has it’s own warm aroma, so from a kid’s point of view, I thought of incorporating some sweet dates into it.

The result was a delicious turmeric-dates ice cream that was warm and sweet in taste. Full of antioxidants, this recipe is a killer. Please do try this.


Heavy cream-16 oz pack (It should be cold)

Condensed milk-4 tablespoons

Date puree-1 cup

Turmeric powder- 2 tablespoons; I have used fresh turmeric juice and for that I have taken 2 tablespoons of grated turmeric and mixed it with 2 tablespoons of water. Later, I used the same juice in the milk mixture for the ice cream.

Don’t use too much of turmeric otherwise your ice cream will be bitter.By using less turmeric your ice cream won’t be that bright but its ok.


First, deseed the dates and make a puree in a food processor.

Whisk the heavy cream till there are soft peaks.

Mix condensed milk into it.

Add date puree and turmeric.

Mix them together.

Transfer this mixture into an air-tight container and freeze it overnight.

Serve it in a cup or cone.

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