Eggless Triple layered Chocolate and Mango Mousse

Finally, spring break is here. The last few weeks were quite eventful and tiring, so for this reason, we thought of not going anywhere and just chilling at home.

Kids have again outdone themselves and we as parents are so thankful to God for this. My older one has bagged a trophy for his school in the state championship and going to nationals. Previous week we heard that our younger one has qualified at a state tournament and competing in nationals next week in Chicago. Double happiness! Wait!!! The main news is coming !!!!

The older one is selected in the most prestigious school of our state. It’s quite difficult to get in and the process itself is quite tough to filter the most accomplished students all over the state. On one hand, it’s amazing, and on the other hand, we are quite anxious as a parent because the school is residential. Our son is quite excited because they have amazing facilities and research material available there. He is looking forward to it.

So this fall, he will be joining the school and leaving home. It’s two years earlier then planned and besides being proud and happy, I am suddenly counting days. I need to make up for all the days when he won’t be here, so I thought of making all his favorite foods over the spring break.

We celebrate every good news with sweets and when the news is amazing and there is triple the happiness, we need triple layered sweetness.

My triple layered chocolate and mango mousse.


Ripe mangoes -3
White chocolate chips or brick-1 cup
Dark chocolate chips or brick -1 cup
Heavy whipping cream-2 cups
Lemon juice-I table spoon
Mint leaves-few leaves.
Few cherries


For making Mango Puree-

Peel and slice all the Mangoes and blend in the blender . Your puree should be smooth in texture.Mix lemon juice . Keep it in the fridge for few hours before assembling.

Dark chocolate mousse-

In a double boiler or microwave melt the dark chocolate. Fold the 1 cup of heavy cream in it.keep it aside.

White chocolate mousse-

In a double boiler or microwave melt the chocolates .Fold it in 1 cup of heavy whipping cream.
Keep aside.

How to assemble it—–

Pour chocolate layers in the glass with the help of a spoon. Alternatively you can use piping bags for more perfection. Keep it in the fridge for 20 minutes to set.
Layer the top with chilled mango puree. Decorate with mint leaves and cherries. 
Serve chilled.

I have used small dessert /shot glasses.
You can use any glass of your choice .
Depending on size of your glasses increase or decrease the quantity .

If your mangoes are not sweet enough mix 1/2 cup of sugar syrup to it.

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