Easy Spicy Peanuts

Don’t we always crave something spicy and crunchy to munch on? What could be better than spicy roasted guilt free peanuts? Everyone in my family loves this and I am sure you will too.


Raw Peanut-1 cup

Gramflour/besan -2 tablespoon.

Red chili powder/paprika-1 teaspoon.

Amchoor powder/Dry Mango powder-1 teaspoon

salt-1 /2 teaspoon

Water -2 table spoon

Canola oil-1 teaspoon


Mix everything together .

Microwave for 2 minutes.

Mix it with a fork.

Again microwave for 2 minutes,and mix it with fork.

Finally microwave it again for 3 minutes.

Your spicy roasted peanuts are ready to much.

Enjoy this with a cup of tea/coffee.

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