Berry Smoothie with Fresh Turmeric and Chia Seeds

Well, it looks like I was in some kind of hibernation. It’s been three weeks when I last posted something on my blog, and it’s probably because there are too many things on my plate. The last few weeks were extremely busy; I was working like a zombie. I was constantly clicking pics, making food, and writing down measurements. With all this going on, I didn’t have time to write and post.

This year -besides posting normal recipes- I will also try to increase healthy food posts. As a family, we are trying to cut down various food groups and incorporating more healthy foods. Let’s see if we are able to sustain it.

Now try to be honest with me. How many of you have a habit of skipping breakfast? Well, I have that habit, and I literally run on coffee. Sometimes I think my body is made of 10% of coffee.

Until unless it’s a weekend, I don’t have a habit to sit while having breakfast. I don’t know, maybe I don’t like to eat alone or something. So the idea of having a healthy smoothie is wonderful. I can drink it while roaming around the house and it’s nutritious for the body as well.

There are so many varieties of smoothies. Whichever fruit or vegetable combination fascinates you, put it in the blender, add some juice, yoghurt or milk and are done. You have a glass full of health and happiness.

It’s wonderful for people who are diet conscious or people who are trying to lose some weight. No need to put any sugar. The natural sweetness of fruits and vegetables will be enough.

Nowadays things from our childhood, which we have used then, without even flickering our eyelids are known as amazing superfoods. Turmeric, ghee, and a few of the spices that are getting so popular are just a regular item back home.

Nowadays many grocery stores are overflowing with fresh turmeric, so this time while doing errands I grabbed some. I had this idea of adding turmeric to my smoothie. The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric are amazing. Combined with chia seeds and milk/yoghurt, this is a real superfood.

This smoothie calls for very few ingredients and there are endless possibilities and variations to try.



Low fat milk/Almond milk /yogurt- 1 cup

Mixed berries -1 cup

Frozen Banana -1

Chia seeds-1 tablespoon

Raw turmeric – 2 tablespoons, grated


Mix every thing together in a blender and drink.

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