Dates and Nuts “Energy” Ladoos! A Healthy Snack for Your Kids!

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Festivals bring lots of joy and happiness in our somewhat monotonous life. Gorgeous sweets and lip-smacking savoury snacks are part of our festivals and with the onset of Diwali, most of us are trying to prepare few things which are homemade.

Well, I cannot put much emphasis on the importance of homemade food. Department store shelves are laden with processed food. I know its practically impossible to make everything at home but believe me not everything is difficult. Few recipes are easy, takes very less time and on top of that they are super healthy.

These date Ladoos are an amazingly nutritious snack which we can use as a pre-gym snack, after our work out, with our breakfast and so on. You can always pack this in your kids’ snack box for school. Rest assured your kids will love it.

It takes not more than 15 minutes to make it, and please do try and let me know your feedback.


Seedless dates -2 cups

Almond-1/4 cup

Cashew nuts-1/4 cup

Pistachio-1 tablespoon

Poppy seeds-1 tablespoon

Dry coconut powder-1/4 cup


Grind dates in a food processor or grinder.

Dry roast poppy seeds, coconut and dry fruit. Do this separately. It should be aromatic, not brown in colour after roasting.

Grind all the roasted nuts in a food processor.

Mix everything(dates and Nuts which we have grinded ) together nicely and make it into small balls.

Your energy Ladoos are ready to eat.

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