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I always feel nostalgic while cooking Bhindi. My mind always goes back to the time when my kids where young and the only vegetable they liked to eat was bhindi. In my thoughts, I can clearly see my son sitting on his red chair in the balcony and my mother in law feeding him Bhindi and Poori. Those morsels were so small and while handling my son she showed so much patience, which was admirable. From that time my son loves to eat Bhindi. So for both of my kids at one point in time, I was cooking Bhindi every day.

These days I am incorporating more Indian food into their meals and sometimes I struggle because they don’t like to experiment with all kinds of vegetables. Bhindi /Okra is the most preferable vegetable to make when I don’t want anybody upset while eating dinner. Today I made Bhindi do Pyaza for them and they absolutely loved it.

There are many ways to cook Bhindi do Pyaza and every one has their own recipe and spices but the recipe which I am going to share is really easy, takes very less time and tastewise its so good that you can serve it to your guests as well.

So please do try this and let me know the feedback.

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Bhindi -2 cups

Onion-2 cups

Tomato-1 cup

Ginger and Garlic paste-1 table spoon

Kashmiri chilli powder-1 teaspoon

Anardana powder-1 teaspoon

Turmeric powder-1 teaspoon

Garam masala powder-1/2 teaspoon

Oil-2 table spoon

Salt 1 teaspoon or according to your choice.

Cumin seeds-1 teaspoon.


Fresh red chilli/green chilli


Take a pan/wok.

Add oil.

Add hing and cumin seeds.

Add onion.

Saute it for 2-3 minutes.

Add Tomato and ginger garlic paste.

Saute it.  Add Bhindi.

Add red chilli powder ,anardana powder and garam masala.

Add salt and cover it for 7-8 minutes.

Remove the lid and

Bhindi do pyaza is ready to serve.

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