Rabdi Shots- In a Waffle Cone!

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Fun with food is the ultimate goal of any get-together whether it is for kids or adults. Most of us usually shy away from experimenting, but let me tell you sometimes unexpected results give everyone the ultimate joy.

Nowadays we are creatively thinking about what to serve and how to serve for an informal get-together. Last evening while coming back home a thought came to mind why can’t we try some fusion, semi-homemade desert. Today I was really excited to experiment and believe me it’s really simple but delicious. It will “WOW” your guests for sure.

Don’t delay, make this today and ENJOY….


Milk-1 litre

Small Ice cream cone-4

Saffron- few strands

Sugar – one and a half cup(you can increase or decrease the quantity depending on your taste)

Few nuts like pistachio and almonds.

Few cherries or cranberries.


Take a deep pan.

Boil all the milk for at least one hour on the very slow flame.

When its thickened enough add saffron and sugar.

Cook for 5-6 minutes.

Chill 4-5 hours or overnight.

Serve it in a cone.

Garnish with nuts.

Have fun while making this!

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