Dry Fruit Saffron Kheer/Rice Pudding

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My favorite ingredient to play with in the kitchen is saffron. I love the color and fragrance of this aromatic spice. Who can resist the beautiful light yellow color and sweet fragrance. So whenever I make kheer or any other Indian desert  I use saffron. A magical combination of saffron with all the dry fruits take the kheer to the next level.

Rice pudding, or Kheer  is a traditional Indian desert that is made of whole milk with rice. It has quite a sweet and creamy texture. Recipes for Kheer vary from state to state. The recipe that I am sharing is my own recipe which I have perfected in the last so many years.

There is a little twist in the recipe where I put the rice after sauteing with ghee for a few minutes. That releases a beautiful aroma. Then I add saffron ,which enhances the look and feel of this beautiful desert.


Take one liter of milk

1/3 cup of rice

1 pinch of saffron

Sugar according to taste . I have used one cup of sugar.

Mix dry fruits fine chopped 1/2 cup


In a big deep pan add one tablespoon of ghee.

Add dry fruits.

Add rice .

Saute for few minutes.

It will change its color and will be little golden.

Add milk.

Now on slow flame keep this stiring for around 40-45 minutes. Stir it in between so that it does not  stick to the bottom of the vessel.

Add saffron .

After 40 -45 minutes when it looks thick enough, add sugar .

Keep it on stove for another 8-10 minutes then remove.

Serve it warm or chilled depending on your choice.

Sprinkle some finally chopped pistachio  over it.


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