Easy Homemade Basil Pesto Pasta

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My kids just love eating pasta. Most of the folks prefer to buy it from the store but I like to make each and every type of pasta sauce at home. Basil pesto is a fragrant nutty flavoured sauce that my daughter just adores. Her eyes just light up when she talks about fragrant basil pesto and whenever I make it she is my taster.

This is my foolproof basil pesto recipe which we can make in a flash and store it for one week inside the refrigerator. Schools are opening soon and this will make an awesome lunch or after school snack. We can also be creative and make so many things with this. I love to make crostini or sandwiches with this. We can also marinate Tilapia or Salmon before grilling and that will taste heavenly.

Serves 4

recipe —-1—1 cup of fresh basil

2—- 1/2 cup of olive oil

3—1/3 cups of walnuts or pine nuts( if you have almonds you can use those too though it’s not very common.)

4—– 1-2 cloves of garlic

5—-1 cup of good quality grated parmesan cheese.

6—- pinch of salt

Note— If you want you can add 1-2 table spoon of fresh cream to give it a nice creamy touch.  I do it sometimes to please the kids and they love it even more. you need to add cream while you are giving the finishing touch to the pasta just before serving.

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7–Grind everything together in a chutney type consistency. Remember not to add a single drop of water inside this sauce, if needed for grinding we can use more olive oil. For storage we need to put this in a glass jar or container and then we have to pour olive oil on top of it, so it doesnt lose its fresh green colour.

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8—In a big vessel boil water and put one teaspoon of salt in it. It’s really important to season this water with salt because this will enhance the flavour of the pasta.

9— Boil till its al dente means when we bite it doesnt feel very soft and it has a bite to it.

10—-Strain the pasta but reserve a little pasta water which we can add later in pasta so that sauce can stick to the pasta.

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13—Pour the sauce over pasta and top it with some parmesan cheese, drizzle some olive oil and its ready to eat … yum…

Or, we can mix everything in a pan and serve it with some grated parmesan on top.

Whatever is your method of finishing it I can assure that result will be heavenly. Please do try this and let me know your thoughts.

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